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Protein Plus Cereal

Ummzie Protein plus is

🔸made with 💯 Wholegrains
🔸Rich in essential vitamins and minerals
🔸 Great for diabetics and low in cholesterol
🔸Rich in fiber, thus sustains you for a very long time
🔸 Great weaning food for babies and toddlers
🔸 Great for solving the problem of malnutrition and protein deficiency
🔸 an Energy boosting meal, very good for recuperating patients
🔸 Gluten free

♥Ummzie Protein Plus cereal can be taken as a breakfast meal or enjoyed at anytime of the day, suitable for the entire family.

It’s got

🔸No Preservatives,
🔸No Additives,
🔸No Transfat,
🔸No Artificial anything



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